Checking out space @ MaGIC

IMG_1967Turned up at MaGIC today, met Jen Lin, we discussed my little project and she seems quite excited about the whole thing. The only thing on everyone’s mind seems to be, what’s the prototype going to look like…? And that’s the same question on my mind too! But I’m quite reassured that it should look and work fine, with a bit of testing.

So here’s what the co-working space looks like, lighting’s a bit poor using my phone, so you might want to check out the actual site for better photos. Right now it’s new, there’s not that many people, but after Raya they’ve got quite a number starting out, so should be fun. The drive was actually okay, took me about 30 mins from PJ, it’s actually faster than travelling to KLCC (traffic jams!).

IMG_1968  IMG_1970