Lessons on storytelling from David Lian, GM of Zeno


I attended the DMM360 gathering today, and met David Lian who is the GM of Zeno, an international marketing and communications agency that recently established a presence here in KL.


He shared really good ideas about what engages your customers, and that storytelling is coming back in a big way. Here is my key takeaway from the session.

The bigger the VILLAIN, the bigger the hero

Using infamous Apple’s 1984 commercial that portrayed IBM as the enemy, David showed that every compelling story will always have a big villain to define who the hero is. The villain does not need to be another company, but it could be about emotions, circumstances or maybe even ourselves. Another example he mentioned was a recent Dove commercial (which I saw for the first time), about how women perceive their own beauty.

Check out Apple’s video here:

Dove’s commercial (if you haven’t seen this, you MUST watch it!):

So when crafting a message to your customers, make sure that they understand WHY you exist, and which villain you are fighting to take down.