BFM Interview

Had an interesting interview on BFM last week. The haze has been affecting my voice the entire week, and initially I thought “not so great timing for a radio interview”, but it actually turned out to be a lot of fun and really smooth.

Freda Liu was really warm as soon as I stepped into their office, and had a chat in their conference room before the interview. She started asking me some questions, and I was wondering if there a hidden mic somewhere and that the interview had started, but she laughed saying that it was only to warm me up and to get my thoughts flowing.

She asked me not to be nervous, I didn’t think I was, but perhaps she could sense that I was in “interview mode”.

So I just told myself to treat it as a conversation, and not to overthink how I answer the questions. Basically, remove “corporate speak” and to be candid and just be myself.

Which led to a really fun interview!

Check it out here:

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