job hopper

Job Hopper or Quality Gen Y?

I’ve read so many articles about how Gen Ys tend to be job hoppers, where they change jobs much more frequently than previous generations, that they do not have loyalty, and that it’s difficult to retain them.

It’s true, people do change jobs more frequently now, but if that’s an issue, then surely the employers that hire these people are equally as guilty as the people who change jobs? It takes two hands to clap.

Employers who still see this as a jobseeker issue, may not realise something more important. That these behaviours exist as a result of how competitive the market is for good quality talent. And while working to retain your best talent is important, I believe in today’s market, even very “loyal and happy” talent will consider moving to different employers every now and then to broaden their exposure. With that in mind, having┬ábeing able to distinguish the quality talent from the problematic job hoppers is important, considering most Gen Y CVs tend to look a bit “jumpy”.

So how do you distinguish between a problematic job hopper and a quality talent that’s in demand? Well, here are some┬ásimple questions to ask yourself or them:

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