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Recruitment Agency in Malaysia – How to Reduce Your Need to Use Them

We all know that using a recruitment agency in Malaysia to help your company with recruitment is expensive. However with fierce competition for talent and limited recruitment tools or options, sometimes companies just don’t have a choice.

But I’m going to offer you a surprising fact. You see, because using a recruitment agency in Malaysia is expensive, you would think that it’s the top corporations that use them the most. The company that is number one, the company that has the most money and funds. But the reality is actually different.

In fact, it’s the companies that are not at the top that spend the most money on using a recruitment agency in Malaysia. Why does this happen? The answer is simple. If you are one of the top companies, and you are known to be one of the top companies, the best talent already want to work for you. They will approach you directly, go to your website to search for your jobs, and find ways to get an interview with you.

This may be surprising, but it’s the companies that are not at the top that spend the most money using a recruitment agency in Malaysia, so why does this happen?

It’s not because they are necessarily the best place to work. It’s simply because they’ve built an employer brand or positive impression of themselves as a good workplace, that it becomes a magnet that attracts quality talent.

Take Google for example. Google’s office in Malaysia is not that big, and most of the really exciting stuff happens in Silicon Valley. Yet, when I speak to young talent and ask if they want to work in Google in Malaysia, the answer is almost certainly “Yes”.  On the other hand, if asked them if they were interested in another company (maybe it’s yours), they will say “I don’t know, could you tell me more?”. And it’s companies like this that benefit the most from using a recruitment agency in Malaysia, because what a recruitment agency does is to spend the time talking to them to “tell them more”, so that they are willing to make that application to your company.

All you need to do, is to be able to answer the “Tell Me More” question that most jobseekers will be asking about you

Well, you can solve that yourself. All you need to do is to build an online presence for your company that focuses on your company’s culture, that answers the “Tell me more” question. If you’re thinking you ALREADY have an online presence, you are probably confusing it with the information about your business. But these candidates care less about your business, and care more about what it’s like working in your company (“culture”). That’s the one that is typically missing for most companies.

So how do you reduce your need to use a recruitment agency in Malaysia?

Here are 4 simple steps to create an online presence about your company culture, and reduce the need to use a recruitment agency in Malaysia:

1) Google Your Company Name

If you want to find out how potential candidates perceive your company, just switch on incognito mode on your Chrome browser (or private mode if you use anything else), and search your company name. What do you see? Do you see any information about what it’s like to work in your company, or anything that would excite you as a jobseeker? Or is it mainly news and business related content?

recruitment agency in malaysia

As an example, when I google “WOBB” (which is the company I run), I can see our website, our blog, photos of our office, a map etc, all of which will leave a good impression on a jobseeker.

This is a great way for you to start seeing things from the jobseekers’ perspective. So let’s build on this.

2) Interview Your Existing Employees

Pick the best employees in your company, those that you believe represent the culture of your company, and ask to interview them. Ask them to be honest about what made them decide to join you, and what keeps them here. Ask them to describe, in their own words, what they believe is the culture of your company. That information will help you understand the kind of employer brand that you want to create, that is consistent with your company’s actual culture.

Here’s an example of an interview we had at WOBB to ask one of our teammates about what it’s like to work here. This was obviously recorded as an example, you do not need to video your interviews as initially you are basically fact-finding and researching about what makes you a good workplace for your best staff.

Remember, it’s very tempting to want to oversell yourself as a workplace, but if hire employees who have the wrong expectation, they will leave as swiftly as they joined.

3) Create Content about your Company’s Culture

What do we mean by content? Photos, videos, articles, anything that can play a part in describing what your company culture is like. It’s as simple as taking a video of your Monday morning team meeting, or write a blog post about your latest company offsite. If you need an inexpensive, professional solution to creating content about your company culture, you can have a look at WOBB.CO also. But you don’t have to, just pull out your smartphone and start creating some content.

Here’s a “Day in The Life” video we created with a very basic camera, you can stitch one up yourself quite easily even with a smartphone.

4) Distribute your Content on the Right Channels

Now that you’ve made the effort to prepare all that amazing content about your company culture, it’s time to get people to see it. Here’s where you should start posting your content:

a) Career section of your company’s website (WOBB.CO can help you create an amazing Career’s Page on your website – here’s an example)

b) Your Linkedin Company Page

c) Your Facebook Page

d) Blog about it if you have a company blog

e) Post a Culture Page on WOBB.CO

If you already have a Culture Page on WOBB.CO, you can also link to it or embed it on your website. Here’s an example of a company that embeded their culture page.

If you’re interested to see how WOBB.CO can help you reduce your need to use a recruitment agency in Malaysia, check out our section for interested employers here.

If you need any random advice, or would like to reach out to me directly just to chat, drop me an email on!