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Top Digital Recruitment Concepts

We successfully completed WOBB’s first ever Digital Recruitment Training recently, and it’s exciting to see such a forward thinking group of HR folks who want to understand the future of recruitment.

The subject is a really big one, and I believe someone can be doing this for months and still be considered a “junior”. But I will try to give my top digital recruitment concepts that I believe are the foundation of this topic.

1) Your candidates won’t “walk pass” your career page

In the physical world, if you set up a shop, people will walk pass your shop, and potentially visit or buy something.

In the digital world, it doesn’t work like that. No one will walk pass your website by chance, unless they are already looking for you. You’ll have to know how to set up channels to drive your targeted audience to your website.

The most common channels are: Search (Google), Social Media (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram), or Direct (people directly visit your website because you’re promoting it in the physical world).

digital recruitment

2) Think of recruitment as a funnel, much like how sales and marketing people think of it

Typically when I meet HR folks, I often hear their frustration about how many irrelevant applications they get when they advertise their jobs, and constantly talk about the need to a better screening process from job portals.

But it actually doesn’t solve the problem for them. Even after screening all these irrelevant CVs, they won’t enough good ones to invite for an interview. So the REAL problem is that good people are not applying to their jobs.

Employers, should instead take a step back and start thinking about how to market their company as employer to attract good talent to even apply to them in the first place.

The digital recruitment funnel

In order to start marketing your company, you’ll need to decide on a clear employer branding message. Are you positioning your company as a prestigious employer? Or an employer that cares about social impact? Or are you positioning yourself as an employer that treats their staff like family? Be decisive and clear on the message.

3) Create digital assets (content) around your employer branding message

Once you’ve decided what the message is, start creating content in the form of digital assets such as videos and photos that share that message in the digital world.

I use the word “asset” because as you know anything that goes on the internet stays there forever! So your work is never wasted, it will stack and compound, and over time, the internet will be filled with digital assets of your company sharing that same employer branding message.

If you contrast this, with say, spending time having a booth at a university to promote your company, that effort disappears after the booth is gone.

This is why digital recruitment is so powerful. All your work creating your company’s digital assets is never wasted and keep stacking up.

This is why digital recruitment is so powerful. All your work creating your company’s digital assets is never wasted and keep stacking up.

4) Push your digital assets across multiple channels

Whether it’s your company’s own website, on Linkedin or on an employer branding job portal like WOBB, start posting all these digital assets everywhere.

digital recruitment

There are various tactics how you can post effectively in different platforms, as the audience behaves differently on each of them. There are many resources from the digital marketing world that you can refer to in order to decide how best to optimise your content on these different social platforms. Here are some basics:

Google search: Your audience find you here because they are searching for something, therefore there is an intent to take action. Think about how your candidates might be looking for you. What do they see on the first page of Google when they search your company name?

Social media: Your audience is browsing social media not because they are looking for a job, therefore if they find your content, they are basically “discovering” it. Take a less direct approach to promoting your job vacancies is important here to not throw off your targeted candidates.

You can also join WOBB’s digital recruitment workshop (which I train personally) to get deeper insights, include how to make content viral, how to be a digital headhunter on Linkedin and how to screen candidates automatically using technology.