Jom Balik Tanah Air

We’ve started a “Jom Balik Tanah Air” movement to share personal stories of Malaysians who have come home from living abroad, and making an impact, not just in their own lives, but also in the lives of other Malaysians, whether in big or small ways.

As someone who has lived in London for many years, I believe there’s a common misperception that many Malaysians did not want to come home purely because the money was better elsewhere.

But if you’ve lived abroad for a long time before, you’ll learn that most Malaysians don’t live luxurious lives or drive BMWs there. So why don’t they come home?

One word: Confidence.

Confidence that there is opportunity for them back home. Confidence that the country loves them as much as they love their country.

As the rakyat stood proudly together in the recent elections for what a momentous moment in Malaysia’s history, many Malaysians I have spoken to (who are still abroad) are thinking “maybe now is the time to come home”.

So if you’re living abroad now, I hope these stories inspire you that the possibilities are huge if you’re willing to come home, bring your talent and enthusiasm, and help build this country together!

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