Why I don’t try to retain employees who want to leave

We’ve had talented employees leave our company and I often get asked why I barely try to retain them.

I’ve seen some employers almost beg employees to stay through counter offers and a promise of a great career.

In my opinion, this is bad. For both the employer and employee. It’s a downhill slope from this point on.

If they chose to stay because of your promises, you’ve created an unhealthy relationship where the employee will feel you owe them a career, even if they are delivering average work. After all, you convinced them to stay with a promise of a career.

They will have an inflated ego for doing average work which is bad for their long term career. And you will have to constantly deal with accepting average work as good work, bringing down the standards of the team.

A talented person who doesn’t want to be at your company is not as asset to you, and we should to learn to instead focus our time and attention on the people who actually want to be there.

The people who are loyal to you and believe in you are your real assets, and you owe THEM a career.

If they’re not skilled enough, then train them. Reward them. It’s a mistake to take your loyal people for granted and focus on trying to retain the people who want to leave.