We are not trying to be a fun place to work

I’ve been criticised before about why I would create a fun work environment at WOBB and then contradict myself by not wanting to hire people who want to join us because it’s fun.

This is a big misunderstanding.

We are not trying to be a fun place to work.

We are trying to build a successful company. And to do that, we need the most talented people to come together, unite and work towards a common goal.

But something magical happens when you put together a talented, positively driven team who energise each other.

You start to notice laughter. You see smiles and people build friendships. Friends that encourage each other.

The “fun” is simply a by-product of this unity towards a common goal.

Someone who wants to join a company because it’s fun will actually disrupt this unity because they are here for the wrong reason. And in a strange way, take away the “fun”.

Also, companies that try too hard to be fun may be missing the point. We can’t force people to unite by throwing parties.

Focus on hiring talented people who want to join us to do great work, and unite them through common goals and shared values. Then watch as they make the culture become “fun”.