Make money by not thinking about money

When I first resigned from my job as a headhunter, a friend asked if I wanted to start a new headhunting business together. It would have been easy to make money fast due to my experience.

“No,” I said, “because even as a top performer, I can’t even help a 100 people land the right job in year. And there are millions of people that need help. How many headhunters would the company need to have to help a million people? Too many and won’t happen. So there’s not enough impact.”

He laughed and said, “Okay I admire that! But I can’t believe you’re still thinking about impact. You’re old now, you should think about money!”.

“If I am able to create value for a million lives, the money will come.” I replied.

This conversation happened 5 years ago before WOBB even started.

Today, we have had over a million people visit our platform to look for jobs. And sometimes I would get a message from a jobseeker to thank us because they found a job through WOBB.

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to touch so many lives and building a company that has a strong voice in the industry.

Focus on creating value, not chasing money. It’s a “happier” way to build a career. Because if you create value for others, the money will come anyway.