derek toh speaking

So what if you speak English well

Speaking English well doesn’t automatically mean you are a good communicator.

Some people speak with big words and beautiful sentences and at the end of it, you’re confused and don’t actually understand what their point was.

I’ve met people like this and it frustrates me when they use big words to show how clever they are and belittle / bully other people who don’t understand them.

Because the point of communication is to get an idea across to another person, isn’t it? So if I don’t understand you, it means you have failed to communicate with me.

I have also met people who don’t speak English well who are excellent communicators. They share their ideas in a simple way that is persuasive and easily understood by the person they are speaking to.

The reason language exists is to get an idea across to another person.

Speaking “beautifully” but not being understood or having no substance is not good communication.

When we speak, aim to simplify our message. Because the goal is not to impress, but to persuade and be understood.