The mother and her child

Once, while at a cafe, I accidentally overheard a conversation between a mother and her son. (The tables were so close!)

The son was complaining about how his job sucks and how routine and boring it was. There was a lot of negativity.

He was young man, I imagined it was his first job.

She was patient and I could hear her trying to correct her son’s mindset. But he wasn’t listening, insisting that the reason he was not successful was due to the job and company.

In the end, with a sad voice, she said:

“I know this sounds hard, but jobs are hard. You wanted this job from the beginning and you knew there were going to be parts that were boring. You knew this, and you wanted the job.
You are the captain of your own ship. You can decide to change jobs, but if the next job is not routine, then you might start saying that it’s stressful and there is no guidance.
“But whether you stay or leave, you can’t keep complaining. You have to make a decision and work hard. No job is perfect.”
I’m not sure if her son understood her, but I could feel her sadness because she’s trying to help her son be happy and have the right mindset.

Parenting never stops and parents carry the immense (often emotional) responsibility of guiding their children through life.