If you’re unhappy with your job now

If you’re unhappy with your job right now, it’s because what you expected your career or job to be is different from reality.

But the truth is, jobs are hard and building a good career is even harder. And it’s not just you who experiences this reality, everyone else does too.

You can, however, change something immediately, if you want to feel happier.

Change your expectations.

Expect that there will be moments that are stressful. Expect that sometimes you will be misunderstood. Expect that any organisation will have politics.

Ask yourself this instead:
“What should I be grateful for?”
“Who are the people who wished they had my job / career?”

Know that whatever challenge you are experiencing is normal. And instead, take on your job with a renewed sense of gratefulness and energy. And the desire to improve and be better at handling obstacles.

One of my favourite quotes:

“Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.” – Jim Rohn