Skills are not enough

“Derek, I’m looking for a new job, is there a good one you can recommend?”

I asked, “But you’ve only been there for 6 months, why so soon?”

“I have learned everything I can from this job. Time to go to the next one and learn new things.”


Firstly, you might have learned new skills. Maybe you’ve performed these skills successfully once or twice. That hardly makes you an expert. True mastery takes time and practice.

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, the difference between those who achieve great things vs those who don’t, is not “skills”. It’s your ability to demonstrate grit and perseverance. Grit is the ability to push through despite struggles and hardship. The strength to see problems as hurdles that you can overcome and not quit when things get tough.

I can’t read your future, but if you’re an ambitious person, I can promise you that the road to success is filled with a barrage of problems.

Not a single successful person out there got to where they are without having to persistently overcome them in pursuit of their long term goals. This strength is more important than any skill you can acquire.

Skills are important, but they will only get you so far. It takes years of relentless focus and an uphill climb to learn grit. We hardly learn anything in 6 months.